Monday, January 25, 2010

Oh gosh!

I am such a major slacker! I'm going to update you all to Matt and I's life!

Well, lets just talk about Christmas!
Vivian arrived in town on Christmas Eve, but since she was still on NY time we didn't see her that night. We hung out with my parents and watched our annual movie "Scrooge". I love that movie! We also pigged out on all kinds of goodies!

Christmas Day Matt and I woke up and did our stockings to each other, and then I checked our bank account and found the best Christmas surprise ever... my bonus from work had gone in! YAY! After opening our stockings we went to meet up with Mike, Hollie, Vivian and baby Aleksandra in Park City to go sledding! Matt and I didn't actually sled, instead we sat in the little warm hut and played with the baby! It was so fun! After the sledding fun, we headed back to my parents place to open up family gifts! Matt and I got a tent, and I got a "Perfect Brownie Pan" from Mary which I LOVE! Matt got a brand new baseball cap from Maddy which he LOVES! I got my Dad the 4th Season of Columbo because he's our favorite bumbling detective and Matt got Madeline three body products from Bath and Body Works in "Twilight Woods" which smelled so good, I had to buy some for myself! We drew names this year, so that we wouldn't have to spend as much money, which I think was perfect!

After Christmas I ordered MY Christmas present which was an Amazon Kindle and I absolutely adore it! It's seriously the most awesome thing! Matt bought his Christmas present(s) as well which consisted of 3 video games he had really been looking forward to and researching like crazy! He's already finished or I guess I should say BEAT 2 of them.

We were able to pay off one credit card with my bonus which was a double bonus for us!

For New Years we went to our good friends house, Matt and Jenn and hung out with them and our other friends Matt and Ashley and we brought my sisters and Kelly and Brian, some other friends of ours. We played games and watched the ball drop! It was a blast!

Matt has started a new semester at school, and has just informed me he had to draw a naked man in his figure drawing class tonight! He really loves his school, and that makes me happy!

Everything is super duper with us now, and can only get better in this NEW YEAR!