Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Carl Bloch, Norman Rockwell and others.

A while ago Matt and I had the opportunity to go with the young men and young women down to BYU's art museum to see the Carl Bloch exhibit. While I didn't get any photos of Carl Bloch, I did get some propaganda pictures from the World War exhibit and some pictures from another cool exhibit.

80,000 LBS of used books. They will all be donated at the end of the exhibit.

These are photos of a bible that a homeless woman marked up. Only she understands her code.

Alphabet letters, covering an entire room.

This is my favorite.

Norman Rockwell

Even Dr. Suess got involved.

I think this says it all.

Also Norman Rockwell.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hitting the gym

Matt and I have been hitting the gym up whenever we can and I love it! We both feel great and its fun to work out together! Watch out ya'll, we're going to be looking seriously hott soon!

Monday, April 11, 2011

An interesting discussion

Matt and I were at our friends home the other night when we began to have a very good conversation about THE church. For those who aren't members of THE church, I'm referring to MY church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I KNOW I know, you are all thinking "oh great, another religious rant" but it is my blog, and its not really a rant, just more of what I've discovered lately.

BTW, does anyone else' ENTER key NOT bring your cursor down to the next line? Its really annoying me. Ok. Moving on.

I don't recall how we got on the subject of religion and THE Church. It was probably me, because ever since I ran across the facebook page that was full of haters I've been thinking about THE Church a lot. We started discussing why anti-Mormons might have so many misconceptions of (for lack of a better word) Mormonism. Then we began to discuss the new Broadway show, 'The Book of Mormon' from the creators of South Park (both of whom are return missionaries btw). It personally doesn't bother me, and the statement that THE Church put out about the whole thing was very tasteful. In fact, I might want to see it someday, who knows. We began to discuss people (members of THE Church) getting all worked up about it, and spouting off and being offended.  I don't personally see anything to get worked up about, in fact, my friend mentioned that THE Church should probably post 2 real missionaries out front of the show handing out copies of The Book of Mormon, people would probably read it!  My friends husband said something really interesting that I had never really thought about before. I find, in Utah especially (sorry Utah friends), that members will FIND things to be offended over. And you hear a lot of complaints from new members, or non-native members, even some native inactive members that they feel judged and shunned because of things they do, or used to do, or haven't quite let go of yet. Anyways, back to what my friends husband said, he said "people in Utah tend to be more concerned with the LETTER of the law, and not the SPIRIT of the law. Its kind of like, its not the gift that matters, its the thought that counts... right? There is no sense in competing with Sister Smith down the block, or Brother Jones across the street. When you do this, pride begins to enter into the equation and then you have to start all over. When you are comparing yourself with someone you think is perfect, or if you try to better yourself by judging someone else, in person or in your head, you become more focused on the letter of the law, and not the spirit of the law. Anyways, I'm not preaching, just writing these things down for my own use.

Monday, April 4, 2011

My heart hurts a little... edited.

I'm so grateful for a Prophet. And Apostles. And the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I've been contemplating a lot lately what I believe. It frustrates me so much when other people, who are not members of my church want to judge me for being a member of the LDS Church. I don't care what others believe. I don't care if you think Joseph Smith was a crook. I don't care if you think he "made up" the Book of Mormon (which is impossible by the way). I don't care if you think its silly that I believe that one day my husband will be a king like unto God and I will be his queen. I don't care if you think we all hate homosexuals (which we don't). I know what I believe, and I know that what I believe is the truth. So what if you think it sounds crazy. I'm grateful for the knowledge I have that families are Eternal when they are sealed together in God's Holy Temple. That as much as I miss my cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and someday my mom and dad, husband and sisters I will see them again, and I will get to see them every day for Eternity. During this last conference Russell M. Nelson spoke on death. He said, "We live to die, and we die to live, again." How sad for people who think that there is nothing but darkness when we die. How utterly depressing. How sad for people who's churches teach messages of hate. My church teaches us to love and tolerate each other. How sad for people who feel it necessary to verbally attack someones beliefs with foul language and names. Picketing soldiers funerals, insulting their families, standing outside of religious meeting houses screaming profanities at people and their families while they try and worship the way they want, if that is truly "Christian" then I want no part of it. But I know it isn't. That is not how God wants his children to treat each other. I'm sorry to get preachy on here for those of you who read through all this, but this is my journal too, and its so much easier to type this all then write it on paper. I'm just grateful for a testimony. And no matter how dark the world around me gets, I'll always have my testimony of the Light of Christ's Gospel.