Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lets get FIT!

Matt has been bugging me about getting a motorcycle since before we got married so, I decided to make a deal with him. Both of us have gained a ridiculous amount of weight since being married and I'm not a fan, so in order to give him the motivation to work out, and eat better with me I told him that if he got down to a healthy weight, like when I met him I would get him a bike (motorcycle). It will be used of course and not super expensive, but he's ok with that. This has really motivated him to be more active and think of healthier things to eat and control portion sizes with me. I don't know what I will get for reaching my goal weight, maybe just the peace of mind that I'm healthier, or maybe a shopping spree since hopefully none of the clothes I own now will fit! If any of my friends on here have any good work out tips, or healthy recipes, let me know! You can comment on the blog or shoot me an email at

Hanging out with Matt

We are currently hanging out at The Art Institute of Salt Lake City in the Video editing lab so Matt can finish his final project for his Audio class. I sit at the computer next to him and screw around and probably annoy the heck out of other students while blogging, facebooking and pogo-ing. Pogo is a free online game site that I like to play on when I'm bored. It does feel a little strange to just sit in here and blog even though I'm not a student... oh well.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Apartment Hunting

Our lease isn't up until the end of June, but let me just tell you... Matt and I are so so so ready to move out of this place. I'm sure I've mentioned the annoying parking situation. If not, to keep it short, there is basically no covered parking and if you want it, you pay extra for it. Also, we are paying almost $800 a month after all is said and done for a tiny 724 sq. foot apartment with one bedroom and NO STORAGE. Not a fan. Then, there is the fact that an apartment in the building next to ours was robbed about a month or so ago. Now we know why the doors have double deadbolts.

So, last week I spent Tuesday looking at places, and Matt came out with me on Wednesday to look at more. I really did think that it was going to take longer than just 2 days to find a place, but I did narrow our search a lot when I decided we NEEDED to be further south. By Wednesday night, we had pretty much picked where we want to live. We've narrowed it to 3 possible choices. We're looking for 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. Those choices are...

1. Santa Fe Apartments in Fort Union

These are my favorite and may be most likely where we end up. They have a great floor plan, lots of counter space and side by side WD hookups! YAY! They're also most likely going to be about the same as we pay now, and we'll get much more space and in a much better neighborhood. Things I love about this place beside what's mentioned above... our walk in closet doors are mirrors! It would be so nice to see my whole self in the mirror again! They have an extra vanity in our room so that I can wash my face and brush my teeth while Matt is in the bathroom!

2. Legends at River Oaks in West Jordan

These are Matt's favorite, and they're really close to Matt's work and it really is a beautiful complex but they're a little more pricey, and they don't have the best counter space, also, to get my side by side hookups for my W/D we'd have to do the 2 bed 2 bath, and we don't need 2 bathrooms. So, we'll see. They have a great desk built in in the dining area for a computer, nice big rooms, and a great layout.

3. Royal Ridge Apartments in West Jordan

These apartments are just kind of a back up if for some reason the other 2 don't work out. Its a nice, clean little community, they have really interesting floor plans. A few awesome things about this place, they have a window in the dining area, side by side W/D hookups, separate vanity from the toilet and shower, walk in closet, fireplace, and plenty of storage. They also would give me a discount for working for the Department of Homeland Security.

So, this is our predicament. Where to live. We'll probably end up at the place that has the best deal when we're ready to move. I wish we were moving now!!!!