Saturday, September 27, 2014

I'm obsessed

 Lately I've been OBSESSED with reading. I've always enjoyed reading. When I was in high school my mom introduced me to a few of her favorite authors (which also happen to be favorites among some of my other family members). I started with Mary Stewart and would stay up well into the early morning reading her books. I've read just about every book she ever wrote and I love them all, dearly. After I read all the Mary Stewart I could get my hands on I moved to Georgette Heyer, mainly-- her mysteries. When I had read all the Georgette Heyer mysteries I could get my hands on I moved onto Josephine Tey and read all those. When I ran out of those old books I took a break. I read pretty sparsely after that. A book or two a year maybe. I graduated high school, had a job, moved to NY and became busy with life. Friends, a boyfriend, spending time in the big city, getting reacquainted with the church. Then I moved home, got married and was focused on building a life.

About two months ago my SIL recommended a book for me to read, so I did. In one day. Then I downloaded another book by the same author and read that one. Also in one day. Since that fateful day in August I've read 26 books. Not bad considering I work pretty much full-time, and have a husband and a house to take care of (okay, maybe my house and husband have been a little neglected, but really, just a little). My friend recommended I get a GoodReads account and it's the best thing ever. I'm so glad my sister-in-law recommended that book to me that day, and I'm so glad my friend recommended I get a GoodReads account. It's re-kindled my passion for reading and has made me start to consider going back to school-- to study Literature. Of course I know I'd have to get a Doctorate in order to make the degree worthwhile financially and I'd probably end up needing to find a professorship in order to make any real money, but I'd do it. Maybe I'd even become a writer. Then maybe I could inspire people. What a dream huh? Well, thanks for reading this nerd-fest. If you didn't know I was a total geek before, you know now.