Sunday, July 28, 2013

Summer, summer, summer.

I don't think I've posted anything since the beginning of summer. So, here's a quick update of all that's happened thus far.

*Harry Potter marathon with one of our good friends who hadn't seen them
*Fourth of July at the lake with friends and family
*night climbing at Momentum
*All-night movie nights
*our first garden with tomatoes, basil, rosemary... yum!
*little sister Mary got her mission call, spanish-speaking in Idaho!
*Family temple trip for Mary's first time!
*Shooting with the boys (Matt and Matt) I shot my first AR! (not a bad shot either)
*Delicious dinner parties
*Our good friends had their first baby!

So far our summer has been full of fun, but also relaxing at the same time. I'm sure we'll have plenty more fun before the summer is over, I can't wait to see what other fun things we dream up! Hope the rest of you are having amazing summers as well!