Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My birthday weekend.

I had a fantastic birthday weekend this year thanks to my awesome husband, and my amazing sister in law. They planned a surprise dinner for me up Big Cottonwood Canyon complete with tin foil dinners and s'mores. What awesome people I have in my life! And a HUGE thanks to all my awesome friends and family that made it up for the surprise. You are all amazing!!

When Matt and I arrived!
They got me good!

Can you see the surprise on my face?

Sitting by the river with friends and Alaina's cute boy Cohen.

Sitting around chilling out and waiting for the fire to die down so we could cook dinner.
Thanks again everyone that came out to help me ring in my 25th year. And a big shout out to my husband for being the most amazing man that I've ever known. :)

Mr. & Mrs. Owoseni August 13, 2011

Brian and Kelly are finally married! Matt and I were fortunate enough to be involved in the union of two of our good friends a few weeks ago. We are so happy for you! Everything turned out beautifully!

Signing the certificate

The gals enjoying dinner

Matt walking me down the aisle

Walking up the aisle after the "knot" was tied, literally!

The bride and I

My one true love and I on the dance floor
Waiting for the festivities to begin.

Maid of Honor, Best Man, Groom and Bride

All the gals

The handsome man I married 3 years ago
Thank you Brian and Kelly for letting us be a part of your big, beautiful day! Love you guys!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Creepy crawly

Every night for the last few weeks we have found and killed at least one spider in our room or in the hall. We've begun documenting. So far we've gotten a "peanut spider" and a wolf spider or two or three. Ick!

Salt Lake Bees

Our bests Matt and Jenn invited us out to the Bees game tonight and it was awesome. Even though we left early, I think they actually won too! There were some obnoxious girls sitting behind us and everyone in our section wanted to slap them. Even with the obnoxio's it was a wonderful night.

The zoo

I took Jade to the zoo today, we had a blast. She's the cutest! She was absolutely amazed at the monkeys climbing all over.