Tuesday, May 26, 2009


So, I'm up late, hanging out because I wasn't quite tired although Matt was. I suddenly had this hankering to blog! I'm watching Bones now, and I have to admit, I pretty much love it. 

So, moving on! As most of you know (because you RELIGIOUSLY read our blog... lol) Matt and I have been informed that my grandparents finally sold the house! (YAY FOR THEM!!) It is pretty bitter-sweet. I'll miss the house because I have a lot of good memories here, and I especially love the "rent". But I am happy that someone finally took interest in the place, and my grandparents can rest easy again. I just hope that whoever moves in loves it as much as I do. I know they'll change it to suit them, and I really hope they do because it could use a little update, but the fact is, my grandpa built it and it will always be the same to me. AND... moving on again. Last Friday I went around with my good friend Janell whom I knew in high school, and lost touch with a few years ago, but recently found again, to look at some different apartments. I did it as organized as possible, I looked online and found some with suitable prices and the right amenities and wrote them down, address and whatever else I needed to recall why I had picked that place. Well, we went to a few whose prices were "off" on the website, and then a few where I was actually afraid to get out of the car, and I was driving to one place, Janell suggested one that I hadn't written down. So, we headed there, and when we got there the outside was super nice, then we went into the leasing office and everyone there was very nice, and then we saw the CUTE apartments! AND they were having a special! We totally lucked out, THEN I found out that their office was open until 8pm instead of 5 or 6 like most other places. You see, my original idea was to scope out some good ones and take Matt on Saturday and choose from there. Well, instead, I brought Matt to this place after work on Friday because they're open so late. Matt LOVED them too! So, in one day, I found a place that both of us liked, in a good neighborhood, for a great price and signed the papers! We move in on June 6th! Anyone who would like to come up that morning and help us get moved is welcome and appreciated! I'm so so excited. Now I just have to find boxes and pack.... =( this is the part I wish I could skip. =)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

One by one they all fall down...

So, one stressful obstacle down, and several more to go! I passed my TSA testing with flying colors and wow... thank goodness I don't have to do that again until next year. =)  
I'm really excited to move actually, still stressed about finding a place, but I know Matt and I will be fine. And Matt gave me some pretty good news today as to what "might" happen with our new place. But I can't say anything because nothing is set in stone just yet, but the news made me real excited! 
Matt is getting paid on Friday and hallelujah because even with our savings, its starting to get a bit tight on my part time salary alone. (For those of you that didn't know, when Matt gave his two weeks notice at the last place, they stopped scheduling him to work, so he's been paycheck-less for about a month)
Things are looking up. YAY!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Looking for a place to call home.

So, my Aunt called tonight to let me know that my grandparents sold the house today. After almost 2 years on the market, it finally sold. I was almost praying for it the other day when we went to the Animal shelter and saw all the homeless animals. I really want a pet but we can't while living here. We have until June 15th, so its a little crazy and I also have my TSA testing this week which I'm so so nervous for. This really couldn't have happened at a worse time. Matt is just starting a job, a job that makes him work M-F from 8-5 (same hours as all apartment leasing offices). I guess I just wasn't really expecting it to happen so soon. My mind is all over the place and I can hardly think straight. I really like the Stillwater Apartments, they're inexpensive and in a nice area. Matt found some awesome deals on two bedroom condos downtown, so I'm hoping we hear back from them soon. I'll be calling all over tomorrow during breaks. It stinks because Matt and I really only have Saturdays to look. Its so frustrating. We have less than 3o days to find a place! AAAAHH! I can't believe this. I'm literally freaking out and there is nothing I can do now, at this hour of the night! I'm totally not going to be able to sleep! UGH! AND I HAVE TO TEST ON TUESDAY! I'm literally FREAKING OUT! If you could only see me. I might implode. At least Matt found a good job. Sheesh. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Technology amazes!

I am so amazed by technology! I'm actually lying in bed on my cell checking my facebook and blogging! Ahaha! Nothing too thrilling going on lately. Jenn has left us to go back to NY for a bit, so Matt and I haven't been doing much. Tomorrow we'll invite Jenn's Matt over to play games so he doesn't feel too lonely! Anyway, I should be sleeping so I'm going to try that now!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

movie review!

The Duchess = worst movie ever made!!! And that is all I need say about that!

Friday, May 8, 2009

I'm feeling lazy today...

So this week has been nice. Matt started his first week of work, and he's really enjoying it. My week went by pretty fast actually. Aside from people arguing with TSA as usual, it was a good week at work for me. 

Well, today is my day to clean the house, and then I want to go find a gift for my mother and browse around for fun. The second part sounds fun, its making through the first part, so I can get to the second part that is key. Well, I guess I better get going!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Three is not the loneliest number...

Three things that scare me.
1. Sea Monsters (i.e.- Lock Ness, Giant Squid, etc.)
2. Zombies freak me out a little. 
3. Losing Matt or my family. 

Three people who make me laugh.
1. Matthew
2. Hayley
3. My mom

Three things I love. 
1. Matthew
2. My family
3. My friends 

Three things I hate.
1. Some people at work (like passengers and co-workers)
2. Bills
3. Anti-Mormons i.e. IGNORANCE

Three things I just don't get. 
1. Tofurkey
2. Judgmental people
3. Why work is so lame! ANY work. 

Three things on my desk.
1. My computer
2. My cell
3. An empty jar of green olives

Three things I can do.
1. Spell
2. Clean
3. Cook

Three things I can't do.
1. Teach
2. Lose weight
3. Ever be completely stress free.

Three things I think you should listen to. 
1. Dennis Leary
2. Matt's accent
3. Classic Rock

Three things  you shouldn't listen to. 
1. Matt sing
2. CreedStaindPuddleofMudMetallicaorNikelbackorGodsmack
3. Crazies

Three things I'd like to learn
1. Italian
2. To cook good meatballs
3. how to magically multiply my money

Three favorite foods
1. Manicotti
2. Sushi

Three shows I watched as a kid
1. Are you afraid of the dark?
2. Goosebumps
3. Unsolved Mysteries

Three things I miss
1. Ralphs Italian Ices
2. NY pizza
3. My family in anywhere but here

Three Qualities I admire in others.
1. Friendly
2. Compassion
3. Sense of humor