Thursday, October 29, 2009

Temple Date.

Matt V., Jenn V. and Matt and I went to the Jordan River Temple last night. It was so fun, and I was glad to have friends to go with, the spirit in the Temple is wonderful. I'm so blessed to have a good family, great friends and wonderful husband that can all attend the Temple with me. After the session was over, we went to Chili's for dinner. We were famished, and Chili's has an awesome special. We got an appetizer to share, two seperate entrees and a dessert to share for $20. We filled up on queso and cheese fries well before our food came. All of us were stuffed when we left and had to get the desert to go! What a great night! And thanks to Matt and Jenn for coming with us.

Pumpkin Carvers Extrordinaire!

Matt and Jenn came over on Matt's birthday, and before we dug into the yummy cake, we followed our tradition of the last couple years, and carved our pumpkins together!

Jenn made an owl pumpkin.

Matt D. made a zombie pumpkin, and he did it all free hand.

I cheated this year, and instead of my usual traditional Jack-O-Lantern style, I did a cat.

Matt V. did a scary pumpkin!

Matt and Jenn's pumpkins.

Matt and I with our pumpkins.

Jenn and Matt with theirs.

All the pumpkins in a row.

Birthday Time.

So, Matt had a birthday on the 27th, and now he is 3 years older than me... 26 to be exact! We didn't do anything spectacular because we are on a tight budget, but we did have some good friends over for the night, and Jenn even made a cake! We were very glad to be able to share Matt's birthday with them. Thanks guys!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Update for the last week!

These last two weeks have been so eventful, and I'm so happy! First, I had been on Matt's case for a month to check out this school, The Art Institute of Salt Lake City because conventional school has never really worked for him and he also has talent, so why get a degree in something you'll hate! NO WASTING TALENTS!!! He finally called two weeks ago and made an appointment for last Thursday. We went in and they have free arcade games for you to play while you wait, which is cool. We finally got in to speak with the lady and figured out what program would be best for Matt. We decided on the Media Arts and Animation program because Matt is super good at character creation, and the admissions lady told Matt he was an untapped creative fountain basically. We had to fill out the application and then come back the next day after Matt's highschool transcripts were received so see if he "qualified" for the school. They gave us a tour, and they have a ton of equipment for the students to use, probably close to a million dollars worth. So on Friday, after the tour and figuring out how we were going to pay, (thank goodness for federal loans and grants) Matt got enrolled. And since it was the open enrollment week and classes had already started he had to start that day to get his two classes in before the cutoff. Anyways, everything is good in that department, and so far he really loves it, which is a good change from going to the LDS BC.

I didn't get the Brighton Bank teller position I applied for, even though they "loved" me, because I can't work for them on Mondays due to having to work 10 hours at the airport that day. So, I'm still looking for a second job. It's really tough still, I'm just grateful I have one job even though its just part time. I feel bad for those that can't find one at all.

Then of course we had to party so Saturday we went up with our friends Jenn and Matt, and Ashley and her Matt to Mill Creek Canyon to BBQ and have a fire. It was a blast! I have pictures to post but I'll do that another day.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Donut Falls

Today, Matt and I went up Big Cottonwood Canyon to hike up to Donut Falls. It was spectacular!! We love to get out and go up the canyons, and we LOVE to try and be creative with our photos. It was a blast, and it's really only like a 20 minute hike each way. A short hike with an awesome payoff!!!