Thursday, December 30, 2010

Friends for life.

Matt and I are so blessed to have great friends. This is a shout out to our besties who are more like family than friends. Thanks Matt and Jenn Van Duren for being the most awesome friends anyone could ever have the fortune of knowing.

Temple Square Christmas 2010

On our wedding day. TIDBIT: We also have a photo of the four of us at Matt and Jenn's reception and we're in the same order, Jenn's just wearing the dress ;)

Temple Square Christmas 2008

Temple Square Christmas '09

Millcreek Canyon BBQ Fall '09

Matt's Birthday October '09 
They brought Matt a cake!

 Also October '09. Yeah, we carve pumpkins together.
Also October '09. We also PARTAY at the cornmaze. 

Also Temple Square '09. I told you we go every year together!

Once again guys, thanks from the very bottom of our hearts, we couldn't ask for better besties!

The Year 2010

Dear Readers of our blog,

         As this year comes to a close, I think back about 2010 and wonder... WHERE DID THE YEAR GO!? And as I think harder I realize all that 2010 has offered our tiny family. We are both another year older, and hopefully another year wiser, and that is something to be thankful for. We were able to take a wonderful family vacation to California where Matt has his first taste of our family's favorite Mexican Restaurant, Arroyo's. And I was able to take Matt to San Francisco for his first time. We also took him to a SF Giants game and then, his first year being a fan they won the WORLD SERIES for the first time in 50 plus years. My family in California also met Matt for the first time, and as I new they would, they love him, probably more than they love me... I got a new job, and have made new friends. Matt has been doing AWESOME in his classes at school. He's a straight A student and I couldn't be any happier for him. We have moved in with my parents, and are getting our finances in check. We've learned that though it is hard to have to depend on family for a roof, we are truly blessed to have this option. We are also immensely more excited to get back out and on our own again... all in due time. Matt will be losing his job with Comcast in February, but I see this as a blessing because the job really drug him down, now he has a chance to find a job better suited for him at this time. Matt and I are happy with the year behind us, and look forward to the year ahead. We have high hopes and aspirations for the coming year, and we hope to find all of you happy and healthy as well during 2011. I want to thank my loving family, and friends, near and far for making 2010 as fabulous as ever, and let you all know that I am SO excited for 2011 and hope to make even more memories with you all. Thanks again.

Love, The De Rosa's.

Christmas Street and the Temple again...

Sunday, after Christmas my cousin Emily and her family wanted to go to Temple Square and see the lights, go to Christmas street and to Bible street. So we did!

 This photo of my dog has nothing to do with the blog, but I put it on here anyways because he's cute, and he left that bow on his collar for weeks!
 One of the houses on Christmas Street. The whole street gets lit up, and then they have a tree in the circle and stuff. Its awesome!
 Can anyone tell what the lights above say? I'll tell you, because its a crappy photo. What do you want taking pictures at night in a moving vehicle? It says UTES! Ha ha! Go Utes!
 The tree in the circle and carrolers singing to the cars driving by.
 The whole street is truly LIT UP!
 My 2010 Christmas photo of the beautiful Salt Lake Temple.
 The reason for the season.
The lights at the Conference Center.

Temple Square and Friends.

As per tradition Matt and I headed to Temple Square with friends this month and as always, had a blast! But, my camera died, and was dead all the time we were there, so I had to borrow photos from friends. Thank you Lyndsay and Jennifer. :)

 Matt and I with lights!
The photo below is the one we used on our New Years card since I didn't do Christmas cards this year.

 All your typical photos from the Temple. Aren't we just CUTE!

 The whole group at the JSM building.
 Matt and I again, and the whole group again, Chasey is REALLY good at holding the camera, and magically getting EVERYONE in the photo. Kudos Chasey.

Trying to take a photo good enough for a card...

Matt and I tried to take a cute photo for our Christmas card this year, but it didn't work out, most of our photos turned out like this...

And so, this is why no one received a Christmas card from this De Rosa family this Christmas. 

The End.

Nannying Again...

I quit my job in August at the airport for a nanny position here in Salt Lake. My awesome sister-in-law got me the job, and I'm extremely thankful! Below are photos of the kids, and little trips we've taken. 

 J and B hanging out in the toy room.
 Little Miss J. So cute!
 Hollie's nanny kid and nephew at Wheeler Farm.
Aleksandra and cousin checking out the horses.

Payson Onion Days.

This last summer/fall, we also had the opportunity to go down with my brother and sister-in law to Payson and do Onion Days. It was a blast.

 Here is our group waiting for the parade to begin.
Some people "slept" at the park overnight, but my SIL's parents were gracious enough to provide us with a warm bed and a roof.
 This little cutie depicted both above and below is my cute niece Aleksandra. She was in love with the people throwing candy from the floats! And she wasn't a huge fan of the camera, so I had to sneak some pictures of her. Below she has a mouth full of candy!
Thank you Mike and Hollie for having us down with you! It was such fun and I hope we can do it again next year!

When the twins get tired...

The twins helped us move into my parents basement this last summer, and boy, we worked 'em hard. So, here's a bit of what goes on when they get tired...

We had a ton of stickers from our Guitar Hero game, and the twins stuck them everywhere like tattoos. Then they went to Wal-Mart with Matt like that, and I'm surprised I haven't seen a photo of this on "people of"
I sure do love them.

Hiking this Summer

This summer Matt and I went hiking with my little sister and her boyfriend. We hiked up to Donut Falls and actually made it to the falls this time. We also ruined two perfectly good pairs of shoes while doing so... but oh well. Here are some of the photos. I also keep hearing that eventually they are going to close the trail to Donut Falls, but I don't know if that's true or not. 

 Maddy and Dillon hiking up, carrying lunch and water bottles.

 Matt hiking up, and wondering why I'm taking his picture

Another of Maddy and Dillon

Matt and I at the river.

A butterfly. Or moth. Whichever you see.

 The actual falls. I hiked up alone first, then I made Matt come up.

The view from the ledge in front of the falls.

We had a blast, this is one of my favorite hikes, and I hope to be able to do it again next summer.