Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Island Park and Yellowstone 2011

In October Matt and I went up to Island Park, Idaho with his brother and wife, and a bunch of friends. It was a blast. We also got to go to Yellowstone for the first time as well. We carpooled up with our bests and so we all got to drive around Yellowstone together. Good times.

One of the many many many hot pots at Yellowstone. The water was so blue.

We couldn't not see Old Faithful!

Of course you have to photograph The Continental Divide.

Just Matt and I. It was pretty chilly, and a little windy.

Matt and Jenn by a hot pot.

And us again.

A hot pot, in the middle of the lake.

Beautiful waterfall.

Thankful November.

I am so addicted to Pinterest lately that I have not blogged in forever! I figure since it's November and Thanksgiving is next week I should make a post of the things I'm thankful for. This list could go on forever.

My husband (he's seriously the best, sorry to all the other ladies out there, but really, he is the best.)
My family (I'm so glad my family is my family, I'm so lucky)
My bed, a roof over my head, warm blankets and sweaters. Rain, sunshine, color, mountains and rivers, lakes and oceans. Technology, love, butterfly feelings, and just butterflies. Cupcakes and chocolate, tamales and pizza.
My friends. I am so fortunate to have some of the greatest friends a girl can ask for. Some I've known longer than others, but all of them are so special to me.
Bo, my dog. He's just a big sweetie. I love it when he sneaks into our room and falls asleep on the floor at the foot of our bed.
My job. Jade is such a cute girl and she teaches me so much, especially patience!
I'm really thankful for my Heavenly Father, and for my Savior. I have been blessed so much in my life, and I'm also thankful that I recognize all my blessings. It makes them that much sweeter. Everything I'm thankful for above is a part of my life because of my Heavenly Father. I'm thankful for church, and for the opportunity I have to work in the Temple with my husband. I'm thankful that my dad was able to be sober long enough for us to be sealed as a family just a few days before I was sealed to my wonderful husband for time and all eternity. I'm thankful for a healthy, functioning body. I'm thankful for the things I know. I'm thankful for fun things to look forward to that make the days fly by fast. I'm thankful for snow, for flowers, and for the good hearted people of the world. I hope everyone can remember to count their blessings and know that there is always something to be thankful for no matter your path, your life, and your trials.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Witches Night Out

This last Friday and Saturday was Gardner Village's 10th Annual Witches Night Out. My Aunt Barbara always comes out this week so we can all go together. We had so much fun wandering around all the shops. The sales were great, and the costumes were awesome.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Halloween Crafts

Today I took Jade, my little nanny girl to my friend Lyndsay's house to have a playdate with her cute daughter Rylee and to do crafts. First we put paint on the girls hands and made spiders out of their hand prints, then we put paint on the bottoms of their feet and made ghosts out of the foot prints. So cute. We also made bows for their hair. We also made these cute paper flowers for Halloween. I stopped at the dollar store on the way home for the ribbon, vase and rocks to complete flowers. So fun! Thanks for a great day Lynds!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

September 11 Memorial

Matt and I went to a memorial that was set up to honor the lives lost on September 11 and in the subsequent war. It was beautiful, and humbling, and also of course sad and a little overwhelming. They had flags raised for each victim and a story of the life of each attached to the flag pole. Across the street was the firefighter and Utah soldier memorial.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My birthday weekend.

I had a fantastic birthday weekend this year thanks to my awesome husband, and my amazing sister in law. They planned a surprise dinner for me up Big Cottonwood Canyon complete with tin foil dinners and s'mores. What awesome people I have in my life! And a HUGE thanks to all my awesome friends and family that made it up for the surprise. You are all amazing!!

When Matt and I arrived!
They got me good!

Can you see the surprise on my face?

Sitting by the river with friends and Alaina's cute boy Cohen.

Sitting around chilling out and waiting for the fire to die down so we could cook dinner.
Thanks again everyone that came out to help me ring in my 25th year. And a big shout out to my husband for being the most amazing man that I've ever known. :)

Mr. & Mrs. Owoseni August 13, 2011

Brian and Kelly are finally married! Matt and I were fortunate enough to be involved in the union of two of our good friends a few weeks ago. We are so happy for you! Everything turned out beautifully!

Signing the certificate

The gals enjoying dinner

Matt walking me down the aisle

Walking up the aisle after the "knot" was tied, literally!

The bride and I

My one true love and I on the dance floor
Waiting for the festivities to begin.

Maid of Honor, Best Man, Groom and Bride

All the gals

The handsome man I married 3 years ago
Thank you Brian and Kelly for letting us be a part of your big, beautiful day! Love you guys!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Creepy crawly

Every night for the last few weeks we have found and killed at least one spider in our room or in the hall. We've begun documenting. So far we've gotten a "peanut spider" and a wolf spider or two or three. Ick!

Salt Lake Bees

Our bests Matt and Jenn invited us out to the Bees game tonight and it was awesome. Even though we left early, I think they actually won too! There were some obnoxious girls sitting behind us and everyone in our section wanted to slap them. Even with the obnoxio's it was a wonderful night.

The zoo

I took Jade to the zoo today, we had a blast. She's the cutest! She was absolutely amazed at the monkeys climbing all over.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Zoo trip.

I love my job. My days lately have consisted of hanging out with my awesome sister in law and niece, swimming in the backyard, going to the park or the zoo. This last Friday my friend Lynds came up to go to the zoo with us. While I didn't get any pics of myself or the kids, I did get some great ones of the animals.
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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Elma, WA just 2 1/2 hours from Forks.

Got to sleep in a bit this morning since we didn't have as long of a drive today. It's not even two o'clock yet and we are already checked into our room for tonight. We are going to drive to Forks today, and hit up La Push. Then come back and have dinner. Tomorrow we will spend the day in Forks. This hotel room cost us $70.00. It's pretty nice, and I think darn near brand new.
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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day two. Vancouver.

We traveled today from Pendleton to Vancouver, saw some beautiful scenery and waterfalls. Our room tonight is in the Days Inn and Suites at the Vancouver Mall. It has a king sized bed, so we will sleep extra good! We paid $63.96 for this room.

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