Monday, January 14, 2013


Gosh, it's been awhile. Matt and I have been swept away with life lately. For those who don't know, we bought a house. After having our closing date pushed back twice, we finally closed on Dec. 15. Then we spent almost 3 weeks painting and getting the house ready for us to move into. I'm grateful we lived with my parents so we didn't have to rush to move in. The house still needs a lot of work to get it into the shape I WANT, but it's livable for now. Pictures will be coming soon, when I finally get all the clutter put away into its rightful place. Probably we will have some type of house-warming party, also when I get a little more organized. I still can't believe we actually bought a house, it will probably hit me when we make our first mortgage payment in February. EEEP! I was nervous about buying a home because well, my current job is only good for about 2 more years, if that, and what if Matt gets laid off from Ebay? We haven't actually heard anything of the sort, and as far as we know, his job is safe. But there is always uncertainty, we thought his job was safe at Comcast too, and it wasn't. I guess that's life though isn't it? Nothing is ever certain. That's where faith comes in. Faith that no matter what happens, it happens for a reason and everything will be okay. Without faith, we'd still be living with my parents (it really wasn't that bad, but we had to move on and get on with our lives sometime right?). Without faith, we'd be sitting around wishing we had the opportunities we have now. Sometimes you have to put the "what if's" aside and just live life. Anyway, this is just what's been on my mind lately and I felt I needed to write it down. Til we meet again, when my house is organized... more... tata! :)