Saturday, August 21, 2010

Its been awhile...

Its been awhile since I've really sat down and blogged. I mean, actually blogged about what is going on in our lives these days. So... just to forewarn you, this will be long, and probably a bit boring, but there must be someone out there who cares... right?

As most of you know, and I've probably mentioned before, Matt and I moved in with my parents at the end of June, and boy, as much of a blessing as it is, it is certainly hard. My dad, who was sober for 2 1/2 years recently fell off that wagon right around the time we moved in and it has been a struggle ever since. I know falling off is part of his program, it always happens at least once, but the hardest part is convincing him to get back on. Its really difficult to be supportive of someone who is drunk all the time, and doesn't really think he's done anything wrong. What is most sad about this to me is that, there aren't a whole lot of people outside of the family that know, and its really hard for my mom because she's felt like she's had to pretend everything is still perfect while her whole world crashes at her feet. Its so hard to watch her have to deal with this all over again. Then there are the comments from certain people about how happy we all must be now that we're all sealed in the temple and "Craig's not drinking anymore" and they just really have no idea. I feel like we took 1 step forward, moving in with my parents to save money, but two steps back having to live with a drunk. Don't get me wrong, I love him, I do. I know that this has been especially hard on Matt who is not only very independent, but really looked up to my father. Anyways, moving along...

Matt is still in school, and on to taking some super fun classes. He recently had a field trip to the EA Video Game place to see what was all involved in making a game and LOVED it, working for a gaming company is I think, where he really wants to be when he's finished with school. Though he takes classes on his "weekend" so he doesn't really have a day off, he is really enjoying school and thank goodness, because otherwise he'd never get it done.

I just recently started a new job being a nanny again... I KNOW, I said I would never do it again after my last experience, but here I am eating my words. Its for a really great family, the little girl, Jade is 7 months, and super adorable and the most easy baby to take care of. She hardly ever really cries, I think she's cried for me twice in the last 2 weeks and both were because she got startled. The other little boy that I watch is Boston, and he can be a handful, because he's a bit older, but he's a doll. I make double what I made at the airport and so that should be able to help us get our own place again soon. I'm really thinking about taking a trip out to NY soon so Matt can see his family, and we also want to go up to Seattle to see my Grandpa. So, hopefully we'll be able to do that now that I have a more flexible job and am making more money. Anyways, this is all I can muster for now, hopefully the next post will find us a bit happier...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Simple Pleasures

Oh how I wish this was my parents basement. I don't like sharing a washer and dryer with 5 other people. It makes it too hard to wash my clothes when I need to. Starting my new job tomorrow and I don't really have anything to wear. YES.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


"Love is the very essence of life. It is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Yet it is not found only at the end of the rainbow. Love is at the beginning also, and from it springs the beauty that arched across the sky on a stormy day. Love is the security for which children weep, the yearning of youth, the adhesive that binds marriage, and the lubricant that prevents devastating friction in the home; it is the peace of old age, the sunlight of hope shining through death. How rich are those who enjoy it in their associations with family, friends, and neighbors! Love, like faith, is a gift of God. It is also the most enduring and most powerful virtue."
—Gordon B. Hinckley

Monday, August 2, 2010

2 fantastic years!

I can't believe its already been two years! It feels like just a few months ago we were in Vegas celebrating our first year. This second year has just flown by so fast! I am so blessed to have Matt in my life, and I'm so happy he chose me to be his wifey and eternal companion! Seriously, just thinking about it gives me this super happy and excited feeling. He's my best friend, and the absolute best husband, I couldn't have asked for a better one. He's so sweet, and selfless, talented, smart and hardworking. His faith in the Gospel and The Lord, Jesus Christ is so strong and he teaches me new things daily and is always helping me to be a better me, and without even knowing it! I just can't get over how awesome he is and how loving he is! Well, today was just one of the million great days we'll have together and I'm stoked! HAPPY 2nd ANNIVERSARY MATT! I love you!