Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Husband.

Occasionally, ok well, like once a day I get this overwhelming feeling of warmth and excitement and love for my husband. Its really hard to explain. But I'm so happy he chose me to be his Eternal Companion! He just never ceases to amaze me, he's always always always thinking of me, and always places me first. Even when I feel like I don't particularly deserve it, he's always kind and loving. He has never ever raised his voice at me, he never yells period. He's such an example to me. He has never once called me a mean or rude name, even in joking, and even when I maybe deserve it. I feel like I have so much to learn from him, and so much work to do to get on the same level as him. When we fight, which all couples do, its not your average fight. It usually just ends up being a "disagreement" and we always just talk through it calmly, and if anyone loses their temper... its usually me :( Then I just have to take a step back and gain control of myself again. He is always willing to listen and try to understand my point of view and opinions and I want to learn to do that more for him. Unfortunately I am just a little too opinionated for my own good. :-s Now that I've shared more than I originally wanted to, or more than you cared to read, I'm just going to end this by saying that I love my husband so much, he is absolutely the perfect man for me.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Home Sweet Home, here we come!

Only 18 DAYS until I get to go home to California and Matt gets to meet the rest of my insane family! I'm so so so excited! I haven't been home in 4 years, and so many of my little cousins are so grown up! AAAH! I just can't even tell you how good it will be to see all my family again! And I get to take Matt on his very first trip to San Francisco! He can't wait to hit up Amoeba Records, and I can't wait to see the ocean and eat me some clam chowder on the Wharf!!! YAY!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Mothers Day

I just wanted to say a little something about how awesome my mother is. Though she doesn't read my blog, yet, you all do and I think you should know how awesome she is.
She is my original BEST FRIEND. She never judges me, and always listens to me. She isn't afraid to tell me if she disagrees with something I've done, or may do, and I take her opinion very seriously because lets face, she really has "been there, done that". When Matt and I have a question about something, our first thought is, "lets ask Kay". I appreciate so much the sacrifice she made to stay home with us kids until we were in school full time, the things she went with out because there wasn't the money. She made sure we never went with out anything that we needed. She is so smart and she still teaches me so much. I remember my first day on the job as a nanny in NY, I called her crying, and I said "I don't know how you did it, all 4 of us home at the same time!" I only had 2 kids with me and it was so hard! She worked so hard as a mom, keeping us clean, fed, keeping the house clean, doing the laundry, and making sure our homework was done. I have such a greater appreciation for her and really for moms everywhere. She is such a comfort to me, and I know if I have any problem at all, I can call her and she'll go out of her way to help me, and to comfort me. I'm so blessed and I thank my Heavenly Father every day for sending me to her. I LOVE YOU MOM!