Sunday, August 30, 2009

Birthday Weekend!

I had a wonderful birthday weekend, now that its coming to a close, I'm a little sad! I wasn't looking forward to the birthday this year, because, I don't know, when you get older they aren't as cool! But I had a great one! Matt spoiled me all weekend (he truly is the best), my mom took me to lunch, (just us, which was nice because we haven't done that in sooooo long), Hayley the sweetheart that she is got me some much needed pants, I got to hang out with my best friends besides my husband, (Matt and Jenn) AND we had an awesome BBQ courtesy of the one and only BBQ KING, my dad! It was so simple, but it was so fun! OH, and we get to have dinner courtesy of my amazing and loving in-laws! Thanks everyone! It was awesome!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Birthday to MEEEE!!!!

So today is my birthday! This morning I got to sleep in with my husband, and then I got up and got ready and my mom took me to lunch at Porcupine! If you have not been (and you live in the Salt Lake Valley) you need to go! Then the maintenance guy came and told us that our AC was broken which is actually a relief because now I know I wasn't just going crazy! LOL!

After he left Matt started making the pizza. He made the dough last night and let it sit and rise over night, and most of today. The pictures are backwards... next time I'll know to start backwards and then they'll be in the right order...

The aftermath of our kitchen mess... SOOOOO GOOD!

When the timer dinged and Matt pulled it out of the oven!

Waiting patiently for the pizza to cook!

All put together!

Putting it all together!

My birthday soda! I love Dr. Pepper!

Matt's such a happy boy!

He made me a pretty card... I absolutely love it! Sorry the pics are sideways!

Just starting to make the sauce.

So far today I've had a super duper birthday! My sister came by and brought me some new pants! YAY! She's the best! Thanks to everyone who's wished me a Happy Birthday, you guys rock! Perhaps there will be more to come... we'll just have to wait and see!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


8 Things I did yesterday:
*Ate dinner
*Did dishes
*Hung out with Matthew
*Watched SVU
*Checked the mail
*Watched The Rock N Rolla

8 Movies I love to watch:
*The Goonies
*The Lost Boys
*The Burbs
*V for Vendetta
*The Big Lebowski
*The Hangover
*Kelly's Heroes
*The Italian Job

8 Things on my wish list:
*Being debt free
*A house
*To go to school
*A new car for Matt
*A bike for Matt
*School for Matt
*To lose 20 lbs.
*To be a mom (not yet though)

8 Things I'm looking forward to:
*Being debt free
*Owning our own place
*The new bid at work
*Taking a phlebotomy class
*Matt starting school
*My bonus at the end of the year
*Homemade Pizza tomorrow and lunch with my mom
*GETTING OUT OF DEBT! (are you noticing a theme?)

8 Favorite restaurants:
*Cafe Sylvestre
*La Mela
*Ralph's Italian Ice (that counts right?)
*Sette Bello
*The Blue Plate Diner
*Matt's cooking... =)

8 People I tag... take your pick!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm so bad at this...

I'm such a bad blogger! I started this so people could know what was going on, and I almost never update it, and if I do, its usually silly stuff that no one else cares about... =) One of the things we did was celebrate our 1 year anniversary with a much needed getaway to Vegas! So much fun! Unfortunately, I got sick when we got there, and continued to be sick the whole time... we kept having to go back to the hotel room for breaks, then we'd head back out. I didn't get as many cool pictures as I wanted, or get to go into many of the other hotels, but we did have a blast! Here's just a few of our pics.

My work is putting out a new bid, so my schedule will be changing again here in the next month or so... Its ok though because I actually like the change, it keeps work enjoyable. I'm hoping to get 2 10 hour days so I can find another part time job. Matt is hopefully going to start school this semester, if not, next semester for sure, but I'm still holding out for this semester!!! I'd like to take a phlebotomy (I think that's how you spell it) class so I can get started in the field I want, then start school for nursing. Hayley, my sister got me started on this class thing, because she was thinking about doing it. They make pretty decent money, and apparently are always in demand because people use it as a bridge (like I'm hoping to do) into the medical field, so the turnover is high. We've started a budget with the help of my good friend Jenn, and are doing well with that. It's hard because we haven't been too smart about budgeting before, but its good, and I'm really proud of us. Things are looking up, and becoming less stressful, YAY! I can't complain! I married the best!