Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fieldtrip to Heber with Hollie and the kids.

Hollie and I took our nanny kids, and my niece up to the Heber Valley Railroad to see Thomas the Tank Engine. Though I didn't get any photos of us on the train, I got some photos of the best parts of the trip.

1. A vanity plate with what sounds like an STD written on it.

2. The kids napping!

3. Dairy Keen, Home of the Train, and the worlds best Bacon cheeseburger. :)

4. Hollie lovin' the burger.

5. Aleksandra finally falling asleep after screaming for thirty minutes.

All in all it was a great day and we all had a blast. Especially those of us that weren't sleeping when we went to Dairy Keen.
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Our very good friend Matt V. Invited us to come with him to the west side.of Utah Lake to go shooting today. My Matt invited his brother Mike, and Mike invited some of his friends who had a four wheeler and it became a party. We brought my husbands Glock, and his shotgun. Matt V brought his Baby Eagle 9 mm. Mike and his friends brought ammo for the Glock and shotgun and some clay pigeons to shoot. It was a fun time, and I fired all three of the guns and enjoyed myself immensely.
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Thursday, May 26, 2011

I am so blessed...

Since this is my journal, I am going to blog about something really amazing that has happened to me this last week. Some people may think I shouldn't blog about it, and some may thing I'm bragging but I can promise you I am not. I just want to always remember how I've felt this last week. Last Thursday, I received a surprise phone call from the Jordan River Temple. My bishop had sent in paper work for me to work in the temple unbeknown-st to me. I was elated when I got the call because my patriarchal blessing talks about working in the temple and so I was just thrilled. I had my interview tonight, Thursday May 26, 2011. I will start training for ordinance work on Wednesday, July 6, and will be working in the temple Thursday evenings from 4 PM until roughly 10 PM. Supposedly the bishop also sent in paper work for Matt, so we will see how that goes, and maybe he'll get a call soon too. This is just something I've been thing about for a long time, and then I got the call randomly from the temple, when I was least expecting it. I'm going to stop now, so people don't feel as if I'm rubbing this in their faces because that is not my intention at all.

Monday, May 23, 2011

New picture

I bought a really neat picture of the timpanogos temple for our bedroom. My sister in law showed it to me and I just had to have it because its where Matt and I were married. I really love how its funky and still beautiful.
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Monday, May 9, 2011

I got crafty...

My good friend Jenn was getting rid of some frames, and so I took them off her hands. One was a poster frame and one was just a good sized plain black frame. I had seen a couple of ideas on different craft blogs I follow and decided to try my hand at being crafty.  

 First, I bought some wooden letters that spell out my last name at Hobby Lobby, they ended up being .69 cents each. Then I brought them home and sanded down the rough edges. 

 I then lined them up on card board box, on my back deck and sprayed them black with spray paint. It took about 4 coats. 

 My dad had the spray paint on hand already which was convenient. This paint was matte, the last coat I did was gloss because the the partical board was really absorbing the matte paint. You'll probably want to prime it somehow before you actually paint. 

 I found this fabric which is actually upholstery fabric that I loved. I found just a scrap of it on clearance at, Hobby Lobby (which is my new favorite store). If I do another craft like this one, I'd probably stick with paper or a thinner fabric that way its a little easier to work with. 

 I also found a scrap of muslin at Hobby Lobby that I used to finish the project. 

 I started out, by tracing the letters on the opposite side of my fabric, then I cut it out just inside the lines so that it would be smaller than the actual wood letter.

After I'd cut all the letters out. 

Then I covered the entire letter with a good amount of Mod Podge. I just love Mod Podge. 

 I placed the fabric down on top of the coat of Mod Podge, then I covered the entire thing with more Mod Podge. I layed it on really thick because the fabric was so thick, and it ended up taking two coats. 

                        This is the project after it finished drying, I had to arrange it to fit in the frame.

                         I glued the DE and the ROSA letters together kind of off kilter with hot glue.

Then I cut strips of muslin to glue to the back of each letter so I could tie it onto the frame. I made sure that all the ties were the correct length so they'd all hang taught and the letters would be straight. 

This is the finished project, not bad for my first craft done by myself without the supervision of someone who knows better than me what to do.