Monday, December 8, 2014

100 Day Song Challenge 33-40

I'm a total slacker. In my defense, I've been reading great books, and Christmas shopping. So, I'm 16 days behind I'll do 8 today and the rest tomorrow or another day, you know.

Day 33- A Really Short Song

The Beatles- Her Majesty. Abbey Road was one of the first albums I ever got. My parent's picked good music for me, what can I say? It's one album I can listen to from start to finish, over and over again & never get sick of and this song is one of my faves. Enjoy.

Day 34- A Song Performed by an Actor/Actress

30 Seconds To Mars- The Kill. Jared Leto is hot. He's talented. He's an actor AND a musician. It doesn't get much better than that friends. This video is a little creepy, and ripped off from 'The Shining' but the song is great.

Day 35- A Song From A Classic Rock Band

Blue Oyster Cult- Don't Fear The Reaper. EVERYONE knows this song. If you don't- you've been living under a rock. I have 4 words for you. "I got a fever!!!" Seriously-- google it. This song is amazing.

Day 36- The Eurovision Song Winner from the Year You Were Born

the 1986 winner is Belgium. Haven't actually listened to the song, but her outfit is legit. Just watch this and wallow in the 80's.

Day 37- Worst Song You Have In Your Collection

Jibbs- Chain Hang Low. Ok, ok, ok. This song is pretty terrible, but it's catchy as hell. Just listen and revel in your childhood, and focus on how horribly mangled this childhood favorite is now. You're welcome.

Day 38- A Song That Gets You Motivated

Katy Perry- Firework-- Cliche? Yes. Do you think I care? I hope not, because I couldn't care less. This is a great song. And basically it makes everyone feel good about themselves. What's not to like. I feel like I can conquer the world (or at least my little piece of it) when I hear it. It's one of those that instantly boosts my mood.

Day 39- The First Random Song That Comes To You.

Macklemore- Thrift Shop. This song came on my YouTube mix a few days ago and has been stuck in my head since. Don't have much else to say about it.

Day 40- A Song from the 1950's

The Big Bopper- Chantilly Lace. Pretty much one of my favorite songs of all time. Music was SO GOOD back then. Well folks. That's all for tonight. Enjoy... XO

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