Saturday, November 22, 2014

Day's 28-32 of the Challenge

Well, let me just say, I haven't felt like posting this week because I've been reading and the series I just finished ripped my heart out and then gingerly placed it back in my chest after stomping on it, and then kissing it better. So, here's all my posts for the week.

Day 28- A really old song. 

Cole Porter- "Let's Do It (Let's Fall in Love)". Written in 1928 and featured in one of my ALL-TIME favorite movies, "Midnight In Paris". I love this song, however, please ignore the racial slurs found in the song. I believe they changed it up a little for the movie because we (most of us) don't talk like that anymore, thank goodness. Anyway, it's still a great song. Give it a listen ok? The birds and the bees are... :)

Day 29- A Michael Jackson song.

Thriller- Because it's basically the best music video ever made and probably, along with the 90s remake of "Night of The Living Dead", fueled my love for zombies. 

Day 30- One of the oldest songs that you like. 

Okay, I feel like this is just a different variation on Day 28 but I'll play along Blogger.

Frank and Nancy Sinatra- "Something Stupid". It's not the OLDEST song that I can think of that I like but it's old and I like it so, there. Just listen to old blue eyes sing this beautiful duet with his daughter and you'll love it too. 

Day 31- A song that would HAVE to be played at your birthday party.  
I have absolutely NO SHAME in admitting that I love this band and will for sure play their music at my future birthdays.

One Direction- "Best Song Ever". It's fun and catchy as hell. Don't hate. 

Day 32- A song that's currently in the music charts that you like. 

Again-- No shame. 

Taylor Swift- "Shake It Off" I like it. It's fun to listen to, it's easy to listen to, it makes me want to dance and I love that she's ok to make fun of herself. And I'll even add a bonus track to this day

Mary Lambert- "Secrets" another song with a good message by someone who's not afraid of some self deprecation. Boom.

Enjoy peeps. XO

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